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2013 ICL Round 3 – The Birches TT

Hosted By Apollo on 23rd April 2013

2013 ICL Round 3 - Birches TT

1Matt HeaneyClann Eireann21.24
2Cathel HendronOrchard CC22.48
2Neil StrattonOrchard CC22.48
3Bob TalbotUNKNOWN22.51
4Richard DavidsonIsland Wheelers CC23
5Martin CollensIsland Wheelers CC23.04
6James Mc CuskerApollo CT23.06
7JP DonnellyClann Eireann23.18
8Robert GreerApollo CT23.28
9J Mc AuleyApollo CT23.31
10Conor GrimesClann Eireann23.37
11Noel Mc LoughlinIsland Wheelers CC23.44
12Andy Mc GibbonApollo CT23.58
13Andy StewartOrchard CC24.01
14Paul BlevinsUNKNOWN24.06
15Marty Mc ConvilleClann Eireann24.08
16Jamse Mc CourtOrchard CC24.12
16Jonny GrahamIsland Wheelers CC24.12
17Owen CampbellIsland Wheelers CC24.21
18Barry HayesIsland Wheelers CC24.38
19Tony HareApollo CT24.39
20Harry MartinClann Eireann24.47
21Matt KillopOrchard CC24.49
22Paul Mc CormacApollo CT24.51
23Barry KirklandIsland Wheelers CC24.57
24Campbell ArmstrongApollo CT25.03
25Davy QuinnApollo CT25.07
26Dermot DonaghyClann Eireann25.16
26Dean BurnsideIsland Wheelers CC25.16
27Colin MurtaghIsland Wheelers CC25.21
27Sean ScullionIsland Wheelers CC25.21
28Gareth DempseyIsland Wheelers CC25.26
29Warren Mc NeillClann Eireann25.28
30Chris PottsApollo CT25.31
31Nigel FlannaghanIsland Wheelers CC25.46
32Colin Mc CloskeyApollo CT25.5
33Andrew TruemanOrchard CC26
34Nathen WeirIsland Wheelers CC25.05
35Martin TalbotIsland Wheelers CC26.07
36Kenney Mc ConaghyClann Eireann26.26
37Richard TimmingsOrchard CC26.29
38Laim RobinsonApollo CT26.36
39Dwyer O'HaganIsland Wheelers CC27.03
40PK HackettIsland Wheelers CC27.49
41Toni ArmstrongApollo CT28.18
42Shane ColemamIsland Wheelers CC28.19
43Martin O DonnellIsland Wheelers CC29.21
44Sheena O'NeillIsland Wheelers CC29.3
45Diane KingApollo CT31.05
46Damien NugentIsland Wheelers CC31.48

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