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2014 ICL Round 3 – The Birches TT

Hosted by Apollo CT

PlaceRider NameTotal TimeClub
1.Sean McIntyre00:21:16Orchard CC
2.Declan Mulholland00:21:52Clann Eireann
3.Barry Hayes00:22:48Island Wheelers CC
4.Richard Timmins00:23:14Orchard CC
5.Robert Greer00:23:21Apollo CT
6.Mathew Killops00:23:34Orchard CC
7.James McCusker00:23:36Orchard CC
8.Bob Talbot00:23:47Island Wheelers CC
9.Mark Sergeant00:24:02Unknown
10.David Quinn00:24:05Apollo CT
11.Neill Stratton00:24:07Unknown
12.Nathan Weir00:24:10Island Wheelers CC
13.Owen Campbell00:24:13Island Wheelers CC
14.Gareth Donnelly00:24:21Island Wheelers CC
15.Rory McIntyre00:24:22Apollo CT
15.Andy McGibbon00:24:22Apollo CT
15.Noel McLoughlin00:24:22Island Wheelers CC
18.Andrew Stewart00:24:26Orchard CC
19.Tony Hare00:24:36Apollo CT
20.Robert Smyth00:24:37Apollo CT
21.Kieran Talbot00:24:43Island Wheelers CC
22.Harry Martin00:25:04Clann Eireann
23.Paul McCormac00:25:16Apollo CT
24.Campbell Armstrong00:25:24Apollo CT
25.Colin McCloskey00:25:33Apollo CT
26.Dean Burnside00:25:34Island Wheelers CC
27.Gerald McVeigh00:25:51Island Wheelers CC
28.Kenny McConaghey00:25:54Clann Eireann
29.Jonny Graham00:26:02Island Wheelers CC
30.Dermot Donaghy00:26:05Island Wheelers CC
31.Nigel Flanagan00:26:09Island Wheelers CC
32.Barry Kirkland00:26:14Island Wheelers CC
33.Gareth Dempsey00:26:40Unknown
34.Martin Talbot00:27:06Island Wheelers CC
35.Roy Burnside00:27:07Unknown
36.Toni Armstrong00:27:18Apollo CT
37.Cheryl Cardwell00:27:20Island Wheelers CC
38.John Callaghan00:27:29Apollo CT
39.Martin O'Donnell00:27:30Island Wheelers CC
40.Noel Gallagher00:27:31Unknown
41.Chris McCorry00:27:50Clann Eireann
42.Sheena O'Neil00:28:14Island Wheelers CC
43.Darren Boyd00:29:06Island Wheelers CC
44.Willy Gillespie00:29:17Unknown
45.Dianne King00:29:38Apollo CT
46.Edell Nugent00:33:22Unknown

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