Xmas Dinner

Hi All,

For those of you going to the Xmas dinner, can you let Tony McC know your choice? The Ashburn’s menu is available here.

You can either email him, or write it on an envelope when paying the deposit!


Apollo CT Xmas Dinner

There is some confusion surrounding the Xmas dinner and where to leave deposits

To make things simple, can anyone who is going to the dinner leave a deposit of £10 in a sealed envelope with your name written on the outside in Wheels N Motion with Aaron? I will then collect them every weekend up until the first week in December.

The dinner is in the Ashburn hotel on the 17th December and I think the price is approx £27, menu’s and definite price will be up on the website after the committee meeting on the first monday in November. We need at least 30 people to go to ensure we get the side room for the presentations so get your deposit in quickly!

Marty R

Deepest Condolences

On behalf of the entire club, we would like to pass on our condolences to Paul McCormick and his family on the death of Paul’s mother recently. Our thoughts are with you at this time.

If you wish to leave a personal message, please see the Members Forum.

Apollo Training Camp – Update

Just a note on how the guys are getting on in Spain.

There was sayings of ‘We will come back flying’ and ‘We’re doing 6 hours a day’ from the four explorers before their trip however there has been no official comment regarding this since!

The only reliable information would suggest that the four guys are taking an altogether more relaxed approach on this and are attempting to maximise the “sun-light to pasty-white-skin” ratio….

(Note. Andy is already a few shades darker than the rest of the guys, possible pre-trip boost?)

I notice a lack of bikes....

The waiter was asked to step out of the picture with the Sangria