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Committee Minutes – Feb 2011

Attendance : Davy Quinn, Marty Rogers, Tony Hare, Tony McConville, Adelle McCann, Desi O’Hagan

Apologies : Aaron Hayes, Paddy Hoy, Barry Mulholland

1 ) Marty Rogers announced the resignation of Aaron Hayes from the committee, the club would like to thank Aaron for his contribution throughout the years and wish him well in the future.

2 ) The reliability trial was a great success with no incidents to report and £420 collected for the club coffers. Thanks to all who helped out on the day.

3 ) The Audit of the club equipment is on the 19th February at 2.00 pm at Campbells garage which will be completed by Marty Rogers, Tony Hare, Davy Quinn and Desi O’Hagan. Tony Hare will collect any items that Kieran Mulholland has and Marty Rogers will talk to Fred.

4 ) The club will host 4 more open events in 2011, the committee has appointed two committee members to each event and they will be contacting other members for support to run these events. The names are as follows

MTB Race : Tony Hare & Davy Quinn
Traynor mem : Marty Rogers & Desi O,Hagan
Cyclocross : Tony Hare & Marty Rogers
Billy Stewart : Barry MulHolland & Paddy Hoy

5 ) Quiz night is to be organised for 25th March in the Goodyear social club. Marty R to check if date is ok with Goodyear and will confirm at a later date.

6 ) Tuesday and Thursday night runs are getting more and more popular. Riders are asked to consider other road users with the priority on safety.

7 ) Pointers put forward for a code of conduct to be drawn up by the committee have been collected and Tony Hare will post draft on web page

8 ) Marty Rogers confirmed that the first set of licences have been process and are now available on the cycling Ireland website. The second trance of licences were posted to cycling Ireland on Tuesday 8th February giving a total of 35 licences which is 11 more than last year.New members are as follows

Peter Verster
Matthew Heaney
Adelle McCann
Martin Murray
Siobhan McCrory
Dominic McCann
Gareth McCann

5 childrens licences have also been applied for from the cyclocross race in Lurgan Park, these young members will maybe turn up at the off road events. All new members are welcomed to the club and we wish them a successful season whatever level they intend to ride at this year.

With no more business meeting ended with next meeting scheduled for Monday 7th March


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