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Committee Minutes – Jan 2011

Committee meeting 3rd January 2011

Attendance : Tony Hare, Tony McConville, Desi O,Hagan, Barry Mulholland, Adele McCann, Marty Rogers, Davy Quinn, Junior McAuley.

Apologies : Paddy Hoy

1) Reliability Trial scheduled for 16th January. Marty Rogers will do sign on and Motorbike Marshall Aaron Hayes to asked to do Lead car and Derek to be asked to do broom wagon. If anyone in the club would like to ask their partners to help out with serving the food after please contact Marty Rogers. All club members are asked to bring some contribution for the food after, be it tray bakes sandwiches etc. Entry fee has been agreed at £5. Marty also to contact Goodyear to arrange availability of venue. It is hoped prize given will be that night in the Good Year

2) Irish Cyclo Cross champs are in Lurgan Park this Sunday and we are one of the 3 promoting clubs, so far only Fred McSorley and Marty Rogers have given their support to the event but anyone who wishes to volunteer for a job on the day contact Marty Rogers before Saturday.

3) A day has been set aside for a stock take on all club equipment with an aim to sort out what we require for the coming year and throw out stuff that is not required, an immediate purchase of 2 warning lights for the reliability was agreed. The date for the stock take is February 19th at campbells Garage

4) 14 licences have been sent to cycling Ireland, Marty will be sending a second batch of Licences at thew beginning of February so if you want your licence sent off get them to Marty by the end of the month.

5) An order of clothes has been sent with expected delivery in 8 weeks which means they should be with us in March, a few extra items have been ordered so if anyone who has missed this order don’t worry we may have extra for you.

6) Committee members have been asked to come back to next meeting with one or two points to be included in a code of conduct to be drawn up.

7) Forum starting to work and Enda in particular is to be congratulated for his posts over the holiday period when he let us all know about training runs, more people to be encouraged to contribute to forum.

8 ) Marty and Tony will explore the possibilities of getting equipment grants from the sports council.

With no more business meeting ended with next meeting scheduled for February 7th


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