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Cycling Ireland Update


Just a few notes’ from the weekend’s meeting in Dublin. Maybe also a few things that Andy may put on to the club site & facebook.

Safety report

All clubs that hold any event be it open or club league must fill in a safety report & send a copy to cycling Ireland.

All events run on the highways open & club must be reported to the PSNI.

The police will also give the club’s a form to fill in and this could be used as the safety format and sent to CI

All marshals should know what there roll is and have the following, high vis vest, whistle & flags,

Course should be marked (watch marking the roads as you may get a fine from the DOE) and warning signs placed

Cycling Ireland Insurance

All members of CI are insured for the following, Open events, Club events, Leisure, Training, Riding to and from work.

Also if someone turn’s up at a club run and is not a member but is thinking of joining the club they are allowed to ride with the club no more than three times and if they don’t join or move to train with another club they will be asked to dismount from the spin with the club. This is for the safety of all club members’

Child Protection

Any club that has any one under 18 should have all there member that ride with the youth on a regular base vetted.

All club riders should put there name’s forward to be vetted.

All person who have either been vetted or done the child protection course must be re-vetted every three years

Things I think we need to talk about at the next meeting on the 1st April.

Safety gear for the club……….. Signs, vests, lights, flags,

Child protection………………..how many in the club have we vetted, who are the child protection officers, put up a list of club vetted riders.

Cycling Ireland Insurance……Inform all club-members of the findings on this.



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