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ICL 2015 Calendar

TimeDateEventClubVenueYouthCalendar LinkResults
7:00pm14 Apr 15TTOWFarlough Road 5 Miles NO AERO2015 ICL Round 1 – Farlough Road TT 5 mile2015 ICL Round 1 – Farlough Road 5mile TT
7:00pm21 Apr 15RRACTBallydougan2015 ICL Round 2 – Ballydougan RR
7:00pm28 Apr 15TTCEDromore Road (Hayes Pipes)2015 ICL Round 3 – Dromore Road TT
7:00pm5 May 15RRIWAnnaghmoreAnnaghmore2015 ICL Round 4 – Annaghmore RR
7:30pm12 May 15TTOWLoughall Road
7:30pm19 May 15RRACTDerrymacashDerrymacash2015 ICL round 6 – Derrymacash RR
7:30pm26 May 15TTCEBirches2015 ICL Round 7 – Birches TT
7:30pm2 Jun 15RRIWBallycrummy CircuitBallycrummy 
7:30pm9 Jun 15TTOWMoy RoadMoy Road2015 ICL Round 9 – Moy Road TT
7:30pm16 Jun 15RRACTBallydougan2015 ICL Round 10 – Ballydougan RR
7:30pm23 Jun 15RRCEBluestoneBluestone2015 ICL Round 11 – Bluestone RR
7:30pm30 Jun 15TTIWBallygawley  RoadBallygawley  Road
7:30pm7 Jul 15RROWHamiltonsbawnMarlacoo2015 ICL Round 13 – Hamiltonsbawn RR
7:30pm14 Jul 153DayICLHillclimb  Richill
7:30pm15 Jul 153DayICLHandicap Race Annaghmore2015 ICL 3Day (2) – Handicap Annaghmore RR
7:30pm16 Jul 153DayICLScratch race Derrymacash2015 ICL 3 Day (3) – Derrymacash Scratch RR
7:30pm21 Jul 15TTACTDerrymacash (Traynor Memorial)2015 ICL Round 14 – Traynor Memorial
7:30pm28 Jul 15RRCEBluestone2015 ICL Round 15 – Bluestone RR
7:30pm4 Aug 15TTIWBirchesFarlough Road2015 ICL Round 16 – The Birches TT
7:00pm11 Aug 15RROWTandragee 100
7:00pm18 Aug 15TTACTDungannon RoadFarlough Road
7:00pm25 Aug 15RRCEDerrymacash2015 ICL Round 19 – Derrymacash RR
7:00pm1 Sep 15TTIWMoy Road2015 ICL Round 20 – Moy Road TT

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