ICL TT – Dungannon Road, Round 3

Here’s the results from round 3 of the ICL, a TT held on the Dungannon Road. There’s a few promising times from the Apollo riders, boding well (Hopefully) for the season ahead:

Position Rider Club Time
1st John Heverin CECC 20.45
2nd Richard Davidson IWCC 22.29
3rd Alan McKeown IWCC 23.07
4th Conor Grimes CECC 23.13
5th Peter Hughes IWCC 23.23
6th John McAuley ACT 23.50
7th James McLaughlin IWCC 23.55
8th Tony McConville ACT 23.59
9th Anthony Hare ACT 24.14
10th David Quinn ACT 24.24
11th Andy McGibbon ACT 24.26
12th Marty McConville CECC 24.28
13th Gareth Donnelly IWCC 24.34
14th John O’Hagan IWCC 24.55
15th Paul McCormac ACT 25.01
16th Lee Clarke OCC 25.13
17th Owen Campbell IWCC 25.15
18th Kenny McConaghy CECC 25.24
19th Andrew Stewart OCC 25.31
20th Kieran Mulholland ACT 25.50
21st Gareth Dempsey IWCC 26.09
22nd Jonny Graham OCC 26.10
23rd Jerome Donnelly CECC 26.16
24th Enda McDaid ACT 26.26
25th Dwyer O’Hagan IWCC 26.28
26th Nigel Flanagan IWCC 26.29
27th Gareth McCann ACT 26.34
28th Barry Hayes IWCC 26.38
29th Dermot Donaghy IWCC 26.53
30th Neil Stratton OCC 27.01
31st Martin Collins IWCC 27.05
32nd Martin Talbot IWCC 27.17
33rd Kieran Talbot IWCC 27.22
34th Paul Hackett IWCC 27.29
35th Damien Lavery IWCC 27.30
36th Paddy Hoy ACT 27.31
37th Barry Armstrong IWCC 27.44
38th David Elliott ACT 27.53
39th Nathan Corry CECC 28.12
40th Sheena O’Neill IWCC 29.38