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ICL Update

Apologies for the lack of updates, been busy busy busy! Anyhow, here’s the last 2x results for the handicaped ICL TT league:

May 24th
1st  Junior McAuley      Apollo             20.09            11pts
2nd John Heverin      Clan Eireann      20.31            10pts
=3rd Micky Murray   Clann Eireann    20.44              9pts
=3rd N Flanagan      Island Wheelers 20.44              9pts
5th Davy Quinn          Apollo               20.47              7pts
6th Conor Grimes     Clan Eireann       20.49              6pts
7th J O’Hagan           Island Wheelers  20.50              5pts
8th Sheena O’Neill  Island Wheelers   20.51              4pts
9th Toni Armstrong    Apollo                21.04              3pts
10th Kenny McConaghy Clan Eireann   21.33              2pts

June 7th Dromore Road
1st Micky Murray               Clan Eireann        19.48                 11pts
2nd Kenny McConaghy   Clan Eireann        20.02                 10pts
3rd Davy Quinn                  Apollo                    20.20                  9pts
4rd John Heverin             Clan Eireann        20.25                    8pts
5th Warren McNeill         Clan Eireann        20.44                    7pts
6th Toni Armstrong          Apollo                 20.45                      6pts
7th Noel McLoughlin       Island Wheelers   20.54                  5pts
8th Enda McDaid              Apollo                 20.55                      4pts
9th Paddy Hoy                  Apollo                 21.02                       3pts
10th J O’Hagan                  Island Wheelers   21.04                   2pts

You can download the latest TT League Results here, and the Latest ICL Road Race league results here.


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