Kids MTB. The Apollo Rockets

This Saturday we’ll be starting kids MTB coaching in Lurgan Park, the kids section will b called “The Apollo Rockets”( the grass area between the bowling pavillion and Windsor Avenue) at 10 am.  All kids are welcome, Apollo members or not.   Heres some info for you.

Where is it? Lurgan Park, you know that big grassy bit beside the bowling greens, Windsor Avenue
side, there.

When is it? Saturdays commencing 5th July, 10am – 11(ish)

Who is it for? Kids. From wee tiny things up

What do I need to bring? Most importantly a kid, but assuming you have one of those a bike and a helmet. (no helmet no biking , sorry)

Do I need a fancy bike? Nope, literally anything, BMX, a pink Barbie bike with a basket on and stabilisers, it doesn’t matter, we’ll have something for them to do.

What’s the point of this? An introduction to cycling and cycling club culture. Ideally we want you and your kid to join our club.

How long will this run? All summer we hope. There will be breaks (the 12th July etc) but we hope to run it every Saturday.

Is it just mountain biking? For now yes. But we will be moving the older kids on to the road when they’re ready. Mountain Biking is the best way to keep kids involved in cycling, they can move on to the road or track when they get older. Northern Ireland has a great full and active MTB scene with races for kids of all ages. A great way to keep them active.

Why the park? Because the wee ones will be able to fall off onto the grass without hurting themselves, and they most likely will. It will also allow us to gauge interest and ability in a safe environment.

What about the older kids? Well, there are trails in the forested bit in the park and they can ride around those but we can bring them out to the trails at Craigavon Lakes on Wednesday evenings with the rest of the club on our regular MTB outing, if they’re interested and good enough.

What format will the session take? We will have basic skills involving some obstacles and bike handling followed by short races.

Do you have access NI vetting in place ? Yes.

Do you have insurance indemnity in place? Yep, all good, we’re insured through our governing body Cycling Ireland to use Craigavon Borough property for our activities.

Do you have First Aid training? No.

Does my child need to join the club? Yes, eventually.

Do I need to join the club? Not unless you’re riding with us but we’d like you to.

Can I leave my child with you and come back for them after the session? No. We require you to remain on site for the duration of the session.

Can I ring you? Yep , my number is right there at the bottom of the page.

Apollo Cycling Team formed in 1996 as primarily a racing club. In the past few years the explosion of interest in cycling has seen the club grow to the point that we now have 100 active members, with a growing and vibrant ladies section and club rooms in Lurgan High Street. Although we do have a children, mostly kids of existing members, we’d like to see a lot more .  This is just the start of a development program that we hope will grow and see the kids section of the club become the future of the club as a whole.
Welcome to the club and as we say here UP APOLLO.
Andy McGibbon
Club Secretary Apollo CT
07849 806080

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