Time Trialing, A chat with Tommy

I put together this little piece based on some of the advice Tommy Evans gave us last night regarding Time Trialling.

He recommended that when TT’ing we should ensure we have a tight fitting skin suit and a visor fitted to our TT helmets as in wind tunnel testing those 2 items were the most effective at reducing wind drag and making us more slippy.


On the skin suits Tony McConville can get you those from our team kit supplier Endura, I’ll get the price and post it up. Failing that you can buy new ones on ebay from £40, you may want to spend a little more though. In case you don’t know skin suits tend not to have as big a chamois as your normal shorts as TT saddle have padding on the nose for when you’re sitting forward and generating all that power.


As for the visor issue. If your helmet doesn’t come with a visor supplied, and it’s becoming apparent that they should, you can find a third party retro fit visor here

For small skid lids


and for Large noggins


I’ll be purchasing one of these post haste as my Giro Advantage doesn’t have a visor and is more like a wind sock without one.


Also based on what Tommy told us last night it was obvious few of us are warming up properly before a TT so I copied down the warm up Tommy recommended and here it is.

5 Minutes easy – 120+bpm

5 Minutes build up – 80% zone 2

5 Minutes build up – 90% zone 3 with 1 minute @ threshold. Include 1 -2 high cadence efforts of 10 -15 seconds

5 Minutes easy

As you know this doesn’t even begin to recount all the great information Tommy gave us last night, its just a couple of practicality’s we can all easily apply to our existing programmes.

All good advice I reckon. Good luck amigos and lets see those TT time tumble.

Andy McG