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Trailquest Lady Dixon Park – 5th December 2010

Hi Dudes,

Despite the arctic weather, today was a great day out at the Dromara cycling clubs trailquest. Paul and myself (The Pukes of Hazard) registered online and were out of the starting blokes at 10.56 with map and coordinates. Being the usual well prepared duo we didn’t have a map board to put the map and coordinates on so we just pinned them to our jerseys. Not ideal but better than cycling with one had on the bar and the other holding up the map to check where we had to go to.

We took in some checkpoints well out from the start close to Kingsway before heading across the M1 again to get to Mary Peters where there were some easy pickings. The trails were slippery and we had to try to catch the grass on the verge to avoid a fall. Even the trails through the forest areas were frozen solid and were very treacherous. We got round without any falls with a good selection of checkpoints on our sheet.

No prizes but we had a taxing and fun three hours plus workout. There is a trailquest almost ever week until mid January with one on our own trails at the lakes. With the weather as it is and road work not possible or safe, this is a great way to keep the wheels turning. Much better than a boring turbo. Anybody up for them over the next number of weeks should post their interest on the site so we can get more yellow jerseys on the start line.

Desi O’Hagan


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