Apollo Rockets to Star in Lidl TV Advertisment

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Apollo Rockets have been awarded the Lidl Community Works Funding Award. Thanks to the parents of Rockets especially Debbie Boyd. The Rockets made it through from hundreds of entries, down to the final eight in the Lurgan area. After careful consideration by the judges, the Rockets were selected to receive the “big” award of £2000. Rockets are one of only 32 groups in Northern Ireland to be awarded this money.

This is fantastic news for all the leaders and volunteers who give up their time week in and week out.  The money will be used to help Rockets buy team kit that they can issue to any Rocket who represents the club at events.  Any money left over will go towards buying more equipment to help build the skills and competency of the kids at all levels.

Club Chairman Paul McCormac replied “Wow! That’s amazing!” on hearing the news, while Rockets leader Robbie Smyth commented “That’s awesome, kudos must go to Debbie and all parents”.  Paul McAlinden, a Rocket’s parent agreed “That’s great news! Great to see the Rockets moving forward!”

Lidl Judges


And…..if this award wasn’t enough:  the Lidl top cats sent their film crew out to see where Rockets take place in Lurgan Park.  They were so impressed at the scenic location of the park and the fun the Rockets have on a Saturday they have selected the Rockets to star in their upcoming TV advertisement.  Needless to say there will be a few excited Rockets eager for a starring role.

Happy Rockets


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